Beautiful Owls

If you read regularly then you will know that I am a fan of Fabric Inspirations – a brill UK-based fabric shop. I like their choice of fabrics (there always seems to be good new stuff coming through into stock) and their customer service is just excellent (I recently had an extremely rapid replacement of a parcel fabrics that went missing in the post, no questions asked). Another huge bonus is their £1.95 flat delivery charge for orders up to £20 – the only drawback for me is that they don’t do smaller cuts than 1/2 metre, but even then they do have some gorgeous Fat Quarter bundles.

So recently when Aneta from Fabric Inspirations asked me if I’d like to give away some fabrics on Very Berry, I was really happy to say yes and give them a huge recommendation.


So here are the fabrics – aren’t they gorgeous? These gorgeous owls were designed for Annika Wester for Kokka of Japan and the fabric is a lovely textured cotton (85%) linen (15%) mix – it’s a sort of lightweight canvas feel.


You can see some cute pics of the fabrics in use over on Annika Wester’s blog – they look fab as bags and pouches, and I think would make great cushions or fun table mats too.

Aneta sent me a fabulous bundle of 1/2 metre of each of these fun fabrics, plus a lovely co-ordinating solid (so that’s 2m in total!), so there’s plenty for you to work with.
All you need to do to win is leave me a comment saying anything you like! No theme this time… my brain is too tired to think of one..!  You don’t have to do *anything* else (it’s the summer holidays after all…), but I’m sure Aneta would be delighted if you checked out Fabric Inspirations and followed them on Facebook if that’s your thing. The giveaway is open to all and I will do the draw and announce the winner a week today, on Monday 13 August.  Good luck!


By the way, Fabric Inspirations are on their summer break until 14 August, but any orders placed between now and then will get free UK delivery, so it’s well worth doing a bit of shopping and saving yourself £2.

Right… back to the sport!



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95 responses to “Beautiful Owls

  1. Yolanda

    I love the owl fabrics!! I think they would make a great lap top sleeve.

  2. Hope I’m not too late – cute fabric – would love to win some! thanks

  3. Oh wow – I love those owls!! I have never seen this fabric before and now it is my ‘crush’ of the week! Fingers crossed for me!!

  4. Babs

    Loving the Owls!

  5. emma matthews

    Gorgeous fabric.

  6. Thanks for the giveaway! Owls are always good :-)

  7. Lovely fabric. Thanks for the giveaway. I’m off to Fabric Inspirations to save my £2!!!!!

  8. I love the fabric!!! Thanks!

  9. Lindsey

    Would make a great cushion for my daughter who is leaving home next week – sad face – she loves owls.

  10. Kay

    One of the green owls has her hands on her hips, an owl with attitude is just perfect for fussy cutting. Thank you for the giveaway. Going over now to check out the shop as a girl can never have too much fabric.

  11. These fabrics are so amazing and I love that they are a nice linen weight. Thanks for the change to win.

  12. Jo

    I’m huge fan of fabric inspirations & owls! I love their range of Japanese fabrics.

  13. Sara

    These would make a great bag, cushion or maybe even an apron. Thanks!

  14. Thank you so much- I think I’ve shopped there before! Enjoy the Olympics.

  15. Lovely fabrics. I certainly will check out the shop, I love finding new UK fabric shops!

  16. I love owls! thanks for chance:)

  17. stitchnmaille

    I love owl prints :-) they make me smile so much! Thanks for the chance to win x

  18. Halochka

    They are so cute! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  19. Deborah Rycroft

    Hey There! Wow gorgeous fabrics! please count me in xx

  20. Becky Butler

    Those owls would make a fab cushion for my sofa!

  21. Love kokka fabrics and the great range at Fabric Inspirations..pick me! ha ha

  22. This fortnight I have been mainly…

    …watching the Olympics!

    (But have to keep a sneaky eye on the quilting world, just in case)

    Go Team GB!

  23. Oh my goodness… I do LIVE fabric and mostly do LOVE OWLS. My mother lives owls also and that would make a perfect Christmas present for her … I hope I can get them :) thanks for this lovely give away and I will most certainly check her website … I’m keepin my fingers ( and toes:)) crossed till next week :) thanks again.

  24. Gail Thompson

    What a lovely website lots of lovely different fabrics. The owls look great fun. I would love to win. Many thanks

  25. Nicola

    Hi, I think I’m in the right place now! Hope I’m in with a chance of winning, its just too cute xxx

  26. hana

    I love fabric Inspirations too, they have excellent customer service and gorgeous japanese fabric, thanks for opportunity to win!

  27. veronica palmer

    Wonderful fabric–I love owls. Veronica

  28. Gina

    I have totally fallen in love with this fabric . Please ,please please , let it be ME ! I need it !

  29. Cheryl B.

    Those owls are just so cute!

  30. Barbara corbitt

    I love these owls, they are too cute.

  31. Mandy

    Whoop!! Would love to win those and thanks for the info, I had never heard of them before!

  32. Katy

    I love the owls. Thanks for a great giveaway. And when you say we don’t have to do anything, I do! I have to finish hand-applique-ing another 3 giant elephants to the baby quilt I’m making for my sister before Thursday! Procrastination ahoy!

  33. helen

    banana flim flam, sugar pants and fish, academy of phenol and a rabbit full of dish. well you did say put what ever we want!

  34. Deborah Garretty

    Lovely fabrics, I will be sure to check out their website.

  35. mandi

    retro owl heaven.

  36. Clare

    Fabulous fabric – What a hoot!!! Your right, it would make brilliant table mats and they would look lovely on MY table!

  37. Love the fabric, would love to make something for my kitchen with it! Anyway thanks for sending the link, didn’t know the shop but I am already having things in my basket :)

  38. Chrissie

    Fabulous. I love owls and can think of loads of things that I would love to make with that material.

  39. These are really cool, would love to make my little monkey a bag for nursery from these! Will go and have a look round their website too, always good to see what’s on offer!

  40. ddinstitches

    These fabrics are a hoot! I’d love to get my hands on these for a lovely quilt for my spare room ;o)

  41. These are gorgeous – owls are fast becoming a favourite feathered friend (just behind my love of chickens!) :)

  42. Jane Whalley

    Yay, a great giveaway again thanks to Very Berry, would love to win – go team Ali!!! xx

  43. Gorgeous design can think of many projects these would be good in!

  44. M

    I think both the review you wrote n the fabric itself are too good…. Now i desperately want to buy some fabric for myself frm them! Haha

  45. Dottie Vining

    Love your fabric of owls. So cute.

  46. These are gorgeous!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  47. Mrs M

    I love the owls! They are even right on trend atm.

  48. These are just delightful! I would love to make a bag or *something* with them! Or maybe just pet them for a while….
    Gotta check this shop out! Thanks!

  49. These are such beautiful fabrics! Would love to win them, but if I did, I would have to share them with a dear twitter friend who adores owls and is going through a huge upheaval in her life at the moment. Her need is far greater than mine! Might just have to take a sneaky peak at the website… are going to cost me money again, I can tell!!! ;) x

  50. Bella Lily

    I am not usually into owls – however these are ‘absolutely fabulous’ – i would have to pet them for some time before cutting into them for any number of things – i hadn’t seen them before – especially love the green.

  51. Ellen M.

    My daughter is about to go back to college. She loves owls and these gorgeous creatures would make something fabulous for her dorm room. Thanks for the chance to win!

  52. dinspiredjo

    What a wonderful giveaway owls are my fav birds, esp. Cute barn owls outside my window every night and just what I need to get my sewing mojo back x

  53. hoot hoot! fab giveaway, thanks for the chance to win these gorgeous fabrics :)

  54. roccagal

    I luv owls and that fabric is stunning! Thanks for the giveaway and i did check out Fabric Inspirations and i luv it tooo!

  55. Jenny

    Thank you. I’ve been looking for an on-line fabric shop. I will check them out.

  56. Oooh, loving the funky owls there!

  57. Priya mathad

    I love ur blog

  58. Sadie Linnell

    I totally adore this material. Owls are my favourite bird and these are just too cute.

  59. Linda Wray

    Just being a ‘Night Owl’ & looking at the lovely fabrics! :-) <3 <3

  60. Helen T

    Oh I love these owls – not sure I could bear to cut the fabric up though…!

  61. Rebecca M

    Those owl fabrics are gorgeous! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  62. gccmom

    I love the owls! These would make really great notebook covers.

  63. Off to check out their shop now. Thanks for the heads up, I’m always looking for UK fabric shops!

  64. Oh, that is wonderful fabric, I’d love to win some.

  65. Kate Reilly

    Oh I love owls! And I’m desperate to make some new cushions for my lounge… if I don’t win, I’ll be buying the fabric anyway!!

  66. linda leese

    twit twoo

  67. Linda

    owl-tastic, these are so lovely.

  68. leigh millar

    Owl lovely, hoot hoot x

  69. nick on Exmoor

    ‘howlin!’ stunning fabric ever x

  70. Eilidh Robertson

    Another giveaway, what a hoot! Thank you. Checked out Fabric Inspirations (not for the first time on your recommendation) and it’s an impressive collection. Especially all those dots, spots, checks and stripes..wowwee!

  71. Claire

    Lovely fabric! I seem to be building quite a list of fabric stores in my bookmarks!

  72. carol forbes

    they are gorgeous and would make brilliant stool cover or large cushions for the teengoths very black (and a little white cos I wont let her use blackboard paint on the doors) room. She already has one small owl on display along with some ceramic ones also about to receive the black treatment so this would be great x

  73. Tara Blackwell

    LOVe these fabrics! Would be great to win this giveaway, thanks for the chance to enter! :D xx :D xx

  74. Di

    Quirky fabrics. I love them.

  75. Dina Newton-Edwards

    Fabric Inspirations really do have great fabrics.

  76. Wendy Rodger

    What gorgeous fabrics. Ideal to make some matching gifts for my owl-mad friend!

  77. Oh I do like these owls! Thanks for this nice giveaway!

  78. Oh aren’t the green ones lovely – think Aneta should be putting out a gold range to go with the current GB luck xxx

  79. amy bickford

    oh oh oh, I’ve been looking at (and coveting!) these fabrics for ages! I’ve just spent too much recently on fabric and so have been stopping myself from buying them!

  80. Sue Sharp

    Twoo irresistable! Table napkins and runner…journal covers…cushions…just twoo many ideas…

  81. Emily

    love them, I need a cheery fabric fix after they day out from hell with children running off, dog misbehaving and husband moaning because he’s not used to them…..I thought days out were idyllic sun filled picnic-ing bliss (or is that just some kind of Boden advert myth?!) feeling very much like a useless mum at the moment and in need of me time to recover lol!

  82. Aren’t they cute? Thanks for the chance to win.

  83. Jacqui

    Gorgeous fabric :)

  84. Jude

    Love, twit twoo!

  85. Rachel on Exmoor

    Beautiful fabrics – would be perfect for that bread basket we are hoping you’ll make for us at some point (when we let you have the pattern!)

  86. MoodyCatCrafts

    Oh what lovely fabrics! I love owls, so I’d love to win this.

  87. ruth

    lovely fabrics and fabric inspirations is a great site too! Thanks for the offer.

  88. maddy61

    Hope your enjoying the fabulous Olympics! And that you get some help for your crochet problem- sorry I can’t help but my skills don’t stretch to that x

  89. buntyw

    Great fabrics! I’ve used Fabric Inspirations before and had great service too! Thanks for the heads up on the free postage offer!

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