A very practical giveaway..

So, in my tutorial yesterday I mentioned my ace new SewLine glue pen. I have just discovered this fantastic product, and I’m finding opportunities to use it almost everywhere. It’s a narrow tipped stick of water-soluble fabric glue that is blue when sticky, but dries clear. And of course, it just washes out when you have completed your project.

SewLine glue pen

You can use it whenever pinning is a bit tricky (because the pins create too much bulk or distortion), or where you might normally do a bit of basting – for instance it’s incredibly handy when you are sewing zips or velcro. I also found it very useful when working with the organza on the jewellery wrap, when I was afraid of damaging the sheer fabric with pin marks or snags.

Inspired by Katy’s current series on the Fat Quarterly blog, and this tutorial by Sue Daley, I thought I would have a go at using the glue pen to make the gazillions of tiny hexies I am making for a frame purse I have on the go. Here’s a little photo-story of my progress…

paper pieces
rough cut hexies
first side glued
first fold
more folding
hexie all stuck
two hexies
seven hexies
all stitched up

 All went extremely well and very quickly until I tried to remove the papers… which was a little bit tricky. But, my hexies are really small, I expect I used a bit too much glue AND I didn’t want to mistreat my lovely Liberty too much! Anyway, I damped the folds a bit and the papers came out with no more problems. And even in spite of that little hiccup, I think this is going to be my go-to method of making hexies from now on.

I got my glue pen from the excellent UK-based quilting and sewing supplies shop, New Threads, a great place to know about, not least because they have a HUGE range of Aurifil threads, and because they stock one of my favourite fabric marking pens. The great news for you lovely readers is that New Threads have provided 3 SewLine glue pens for me to giveaway – hurrah!

The Rules:

  • Leave a comment on this blog post before midnight on Friday 20 July. If you want to be creative, why don’t you tell me about your summer holiday plans – alternatively, ‘pick me’ is as acceptable as always!
  • I will pick three winners on Saturday 21 July using random.org to make the selection.
  • This competition is only open to UK residents.
  • Prizes must be claimed within 30 calendar days.

Good luck! And many thanks to New Threads for their generosity!


I’m having a break from blogging for the next week so I can re-charge my batteries, relax and enjoy my gorgeous boys. See you next Saturday!


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71 responses to “A very practical giveaway..

  1. Sarah N

    Would love to give one of these a try, looks like it would make tiny things so much easier!

  2. Louise Winterbottom

    Summer hols – tent in the garden with Ella (age 10) after fracturing my ankle falling down rabbit hole Camping in May!!!! Great prize
    Louise W

  3. Nathalie Taylor

    I’m off to Rhodes next week. First holiday in 5 years so very excited :)

  4. Kate

    Thats a neat tool, anything to cut down on the hand work I say! Thanks for the chance.

  5. How cool is that? You wonder how you managed without one.

  6. pollyprimrose

    I’m house sitting in September for friends who live in Beverley. They are off to New York. I’m so, so jealous!! However they have promised that I can use their sewing machine and better than that, I will be getting a pressie from Purl Soho! Yah!!

  7. kirajones

    I’d love to try this glue pen. I do sometimes use a standard glue stick and I’m sure that’s not great for my machine.

    I’m not doing a lot for the summer. I’ve been on holiday to the Channel Islands so now I’ll be working throughout the summer and watching some of the Olympics.

  8. I heard about these a few weeks ago and really wanted one… But I chose to wait as my birthday approaches (good me!) – how fortuitous and generous of you and your shop companion :)

    For my summer holiday, I am staying in England with my Boy and Man (cat too!) to enjoy whatever the weather and whimsey can throw our way :D Looking forward to it!

  9. Deborah Rycroft

    Looks very cool & practical indeed! would love one, Thank You x

  10. I’m planning to (or at least hoping to!) quilt/finish my stained QAL quilt and start a Christmas quilt…and maybe go for a walk on the beach if the rain ever stops!!!

    P.S. If you use a hole punch to put a hole in the centre of the hexy papers you have something to get hold of when you’re pulling them out…depends on how small your hexies are though!

  11. Pati from London

    Will visit my family in Spain… (can’t wait!!). Am about to cut 200 hexies for my first ever quilt so this pen would definitely come in handy!. Thanks very much! I love your blog!, Pati x

  12. Helen Lay

    I don’t have any summer holiday plans as I’m a University admissions officer so I’m working right through the summer, my busiest time of year. I’ve got a week in Southwold, Suffolk to look forward to in October though.

  13. Gina C.

    The glue pen looks like a great item!
    We are going to Scotland next week. Hoping for at least a couple days of nice weather!

  14. Oooo I do like the look of these glue pens. I used glue on some of my hexies but the tube had split and the glue was everywhere. I ended up spreading it quite liberally and so the papers have been very hard to remove! Possibly something like this nifty pen would mean I would only have to use a dot of glue.

    As for holidays … I am just hoping to survive the 6 week holidays with both kids with no major warfare! We do have some Olympic events to look forward to, which I am hoping will be fun x

  15. Caroline Sandford

    Wonder if it would work on positioning amigurumi limbs before sewing them on!

    We are planning on a few nights in Bath and maybe some StashRationalisation. Maybe. It has become unkempt to the level of requiring a week of nothing else to distract me for sorting it out.

  16. What a fab pen – Would love to give one of them a new home for you!

    My Summer plans are……… to wish for a Summer – no show so far in UK!!!!

    Carol x

  17. Jo Doherty

    Having already had my summer holiday, I’m looking forward to doing a mosaics course and finishing my first quilt :)

  18. Ooh would love these as I’m planning on having a go at hexies for my next big project.

  19. Kim J

    New Threads is a great quilt shop. Would love to try one of these pens for my applique.

  20. Wendy Rodger

    For my summer holiday I’m hoping to go to St Mary’s in the Isles of Scilly

  21. Dina Newton-Edwards

    I’ve just had my summer holiday – I went to North Cape for 24 hour daylight!

  22. Oh wow, this looks fab. I’ve been makig Wiggly Bags for kids in hospital and using double sided tape to hold the velcro in place, this would be perfect for the velcro and the ribbons

  23. Teresa

    This summer it’s away on a narrowboat for me. At least this year there will be plenty of water in the canals.

  24. Jane Whalley

    This would be such an addition to have to my sewing stuff, brilliant. As for hols – we are planning a week away in our campervan somewhere in the Uk at the end of August – I soooooooooo love my campervan:) xx Thanks for the giveaway Ali and enjoy your week off!!

  25. Liz M

    I’m lucky enough to get all 6 weeks of the school holidays off, so for the first two weeks I’ll be finishing off projects for the Leeds Show, then a couple of weeks of sorting out the house before we have a week at the seaside, then a week of getting ready to go back to school!
    Great giveaway!

  26. ill be in the uk for you to post to should i win (lolol) Im coming to uk for my summer hols and spending 2 weeks in the camper van with the kids when I get back :)

  27. MoodyCatCrafts

    Oh I’d love to give one of those pens a try!

  28. I’ve already got one of these for the last 3 years, it has been invaluable.
    Summer Holiday? Nah, I’m virtually housebound so my ‘holiday.’ will probably be a trip to the library all of 4 miles down the road!

  29. George

    Love a new gadget – thanks for the heads up Ali! I can imagine a myriad of uses! Holiday money here has just gone on a second-hand ride-on as mowing a lot of grass with a push along is too much for the old man and me these days!

  30. marcella

    the glue pen is great!!
    i hope i win!!
    thanks ;)

  31. I’ve already got one of these and for the last 2 years, it has been invaluable.

    Summer holiday? Nah, I’m virtually housebound so my summer ‘holiday’ will probably be a trip to the library all of three miles away!

  32. Amanda

    No summer holiday plans – October trip to Boston & NYC instead!

  33. This will solve my issue of sewing on planes… Would be so easy…

  34. I would use this in loads of little, intricate projects i have planned, please pick me!! : )

  35. As I have 3 children the holidays is about them, so we are baking some Mrs’ Beans famous ginger apple snaps from Fantastic Mr. Fox, making hand puppets and concreting the swing in place. I’d love to win this glue pen I think it would help my 4 and 6 year olds with their puppets x

  36. carol forbes

    pick me please – trying to use the summer hols to teach myself lots of new techniques and the glue pen sounds ideal for working with fabric rather than pinning lots of little bits or hours of tacking. thanks

  37. Jacqui Spink

    Hello Ali – I’d love to win this because I am quite new to crafting and do fumble when using the sewing machine around pins so it would be really handy. Thanks J x

  38. ruth

    oh please pick me! summer plans include lots of fun days with my 4 year old son before he starts school in September, a week in Cornwall as a family, a few days camping (if the weather improves!) and some sewing in prep of local markets in autumn.

  39. Natalia

    pick me please!!

  40. Pick me Pick me :o) My summer plan consist of resting and chilling after what feels like the longest school year on record. I blame the Jubilee and Olympics…:o)

  41. buntyw

    We’ve just come back from Ireland! 2 weeks with only one day of rain!

  42. I could see me using this for more of my machine turned edge applique…

  43. Jan

    I always do more EPP in the summer as it’s great to do in front of the tv when it rains or in the garden when it’s sunny. Would love to try the glue pen and I’m off to check out New Threads as they’re new to me!

  44. Deborah Garretty

    Would love to win such a practical little pen. Sending this message from our cruise ship docked in Majorca.

  45. Oh wow – what a great giveaway, thank you andhope I win. I have been cutting and sewing hexies for years and the glue pen method would save a lot of wasted thread.
    Summer – what summer!! Going abroad for some sun in Sept tho.
    Good luck everyone

  46. What a great idea:especially, as you said, for zips! trying to sew past those pins on a zip is horrible.

  47. Cool giveaway. Thank you! I love making hexies and this glue stick would come in very handy.
    I’m going to Denmark this summer, first to Copenhagen and then to Roskilde. I hope the weather is better than here.

  48. amanda Ryan

    My glue pen has just finished so I’d love to win another one. We don’t have any plans as I’m waiting for shoulder surgery, but if the timing’s right and the weather improves we might just head off for a few days in our motorhome.

  49. Nelly

    Windfall! My plans are getting ready for my sister in laws wedding!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  50. veronica palmer

    My holiday has just finished–a super week creating at Les Soeurs Anglaises in France. Enjoy your break.

  51. Fantastic idea! My summer holiday was in the States visiting my mother and then home to Scotland for grandbabysitting (fitting in some crafting along the way.)

  52. Brilliant idea – I’d love one please :-)

  53. would love to win this!

  54. alix boswell

    Hi _ I read an american blog tutorial that said “use basting glue…” and I wonder if this is the same/a similar thing??? am very glad to hear about it cos the minute I knew a glue alternative to pins/basting was about I was very keen to find out more….. Alix

  55. Jo

    I can’t afford a holiday as my new wreck of a house is bleeding me dry so PICK ME!!! (please)

  56. ddinstitches

    Fab little tool! It’d be great for applique too! :o)

  57. Jenny Owens

    What a brilliant invention – I’m in support of anything which avoids basting! Is there a more boring thing on the planet?
    Oh yeah, and a [probably cold and wet, as usual] week in North Wales. xx

  58. Kelly Staniland

    I’ve got a week in Cornwall, next week, fingers crossed for some sun!

  59. helen wright

    What ho. Do pick me to win. Thus is the only sort of picking I approve of, I don’t fancy getting a large pick in the head……

  60. Penny Orchard

    Oh what a fab idea for the hexies, I have so much wanted to start doing them, mainly because they are something I can do whilst slobbing out in front of the tv, unlike most other quilting. Please pick me :)

  61. Jo robertson

    What a great little tool! Summer holiday ha ha, wet campsite in cornwall next week by the looks of it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  62. Teresa

    Pick me of course! My main holiday will be in my caravan with hubby. I have a little cross stitch in there to keep me amused when it rains (note to self: buy a bigger one). We don’t know where we’re taking it yet, but it will be somewhere away from daily grind and a nice relaxing time no matter what the weather :)

  63. Pick me pick me!! And I’m going away for a 13 much-needed night holiday with my hubby. I plan to sleep mostly as I will be away from internet and telephones. I may pack a hexie or two to keep me amused…. ;)

  64. amy bickford

    ooo, pick me! :)

  65. Just been off and had a browse through the site – I will be back! I love your hexies – I am torn by wanting to make the hexie place mats in Mollie Makes, but not sure if I am up to all that basting – this sounds like the perfect solution.

  66. I am planning on as much hand sewing as possible – embroidery and EPP – just wish the sun would come join the fun!
    The glue pen looks fun!

  67. leigh millar

    I’ve just sewn about a 100 hexies by hand! This would come in handy for the squillion left to do x

  68. Oh I love sewline products, and this looks fab! Thanks for the chance to win.

    My ‘summer’ holiday will be in October/November with a trip to Sewing Summit, followed by a tour of the US National parks round there, including the Grand Canyon (bet you’re glad you asked now ;) )

    Have a great break!

  69. laura baskeyfield

    ooo looks really fab :-)

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