Finished makes

First up here’s another attempt at a wallet – this time tweaked a bit, and half the size of my original attempt.

A Prairie Wallet

Inside wallet

I’ve used Denyse Schmidt fabrics throughout – and I’m keeping it for myself, but will be making more for the shop – am cutting fabric tonight for a Ruby Star Rising version, I think. I also have an idea that a log cabin version would be rather marvellous.. what do you think? When folded, the wallet is square, so any patchwork block would sit very nicely on the front.

There are 2 new pairs of newborn-size booties…

London Town Baby Booties

Flower Garden Baby Booties

…and I’ve been working hard on sorting out a pattern so I can make larger than newborn sizes. Trickier than I thought it would be, but I think I’ve cracked it now. There’ll be more to come…

And finally, here’s a cute little pincushion – it’s ages since I’ve made one of these, I really wanted to do some crochet, but hadn’t got time for anything more than a tiny project…


The first patchwork booties I made were just a few weeks ago (can’t quite believe it, my life has been so bootie-centric since) for the Pings and Needles / Eternal Maker Japanese Scrap Bag Challenge. You still have until midnight tonight to vote for the winner of the challenge. It’s your last chance…! Feel free to vote for me ;-) ¬†(but it’s anonymous so I wont know if you don’t!!) – you know the lovely fabric would go to a very good home!



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9 responses to “Finished makes

  1. Your wallet is neat! and the baby booties are so cutel! Congratulations on your win of the competition. :) Love the little pincushion too :)

  2. I love the fabric for the wallet. Very cute! The booties are lovely too!

  3. Eva

    The booties are really cute :)

  4. That wallet fabric is GORGEOUS! As are your booties, they are completely adorable and make me so broody!!!!

  5. More cutie booties – I love them! I often get the urge to do a different craft when in the middle of something else. And it’s very satisfying to do a little project that comes together quickly when you’ve been fiddling with something complicated. Croched usually fits the bill perfectly for this. The pincushion is so sweet and tiny :-)
    Teresa x

  6. I really love both wallets that you’ve made. They look so cute and perfect! A version with a patchwork front would be lovely.

    Good luck in the competition!

  7. Love the booties and I can’t wait to see more!

  8. lovely purse and those booties are so cute, especially the 1st pair with the soldiers on…..good luck with the competition, my vote was with you ;) x

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