Pings and Needles Scrap Bag Challenge Entry

When Sarah from Pings and Needles let me know that I was through to the 2nd round of her Japanese Scrap Bag Challenge – my first thought was – ‘Great!!!’ (because I love experimenting, and, of course, because there is a great prize from The Eternal Maker), and my second was – ‘Oopsie, now I have to work out how to turn a bag of scraps into a pair or booties…’. I chose booties because a good friend of mine is having a baby very soon, after a long time trying, so wanted to produce something lovely for her. After having an experiment (blogged here), this is what I’ve come up with:

Pings and Needles Scrap Bag Challenge entry

I am delighted with how well they’ve turned out. The strips of fabric are so small (these booties are for a newborn of course) that I could get quite a lot of different colour strips from one scrap of fabric, which really helped. The bottom of the shoes also come from the scraps – I’ve just added a fleece lining.

Whilst I was in the process of thinking about the challenge, ANOTHER friend rang to tell me that she is also expecting a baby. I was so excited… and when I got to cutting up the fabric, I realised I had enough fabric, soooo…..

Pings and Needles Scrap Bag Challenge entry

I made another pair…  I think I like these even more, although robots, Matryoshka dolls and soldiers is a bit of an odd combination..!

There are 9 other people in the 2nd round – you can see all their fabulous work in the Scrap Challenge Flickr group. It is fantastic what can be done with a little package of scraps. I think there will be voting to choose a winner… but don’t worry, I’ll keep you informed so that you can vote for me ;-)


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13 responses to “Pings and Needles Scrap Bag Challenge Entry

  1. You have my vote!

    those are very cute and very professional!

  2. Katy

    Those are so cute! Love both pairs

  3. oh i love these. there’s so much to look at in each one. tutorial please?!

  4. Manda

    They are adorable!

  5. What a great use of tiny pieces of fabric! Good luck, they’re perfect! As has been suggested before, a tutorial would be really great.

  6. I am sobbing losing tears :(
    These are beautiful x

  7. Eilidh

    Utterly adorable and perfect.

  8. Gina C.

    Kawaii overload!!! :) My goodness, please let me know if you plan on selling some booties just like these. I’d definitely want a pair or three!

  9. Ooh, these are just too cute!!!! Is there any chance you may write a tutorial one day? Well done getting through to the 2nd round! :o)

  10. Are you selling these anywhere yet? I’d really like to buy for friends’ babies!!

  11. These are wonderful!!! Teeny tiny feet in teeny tiny booties will be irresistible and will cry out to be squeezed! Good luck!

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